Soma Analytics is our cloud-based analytics for Soma NPT that helps you understand your athlete's cognitive performance and ensures your athletes are training with optimal cognitive stress levels to create neural adaptations. 

Monitor your athlete’s 

  • Reaction Time
  • Speed
  • Variation
  • RCS
  • Accuracy 
  • BPM
  • rMSSD
  • SDNN
  • RPE
  • RME
  • RMF
  • VAS-F

Use Soma Analytics to design individualized cognitive training plans and apply special modes to increase cognitive load, monitor error detection, and measure attentional resources. Optimize physical integration with heart rate zone and cardiovascular exertion modes.

Get started quickly with all the knowledge needed to integrate Soma Technologies into your environment with our onboarding education module.

    1. Introduction

    2. Adding Users

    3. Removing Users

    4. Managing Users

    5. Viewing Training Calendar

    6. Viewing Trends

    7. Viewing History

    8. Viewing Tooltip Data

    9. Making Notes

    10. Soma Profiling

    11. Switching Modes

    12. Generating a Baseline Report

    13. Building a Cognitive Training Plan

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