Learn what the specialized training modes are and how and why to implement them to enhance your athlete’s cognitive training experience.

Specialized training modes can be used to vary the cognitive training load and to add further physical input into the training program. These modes are a fantastic way to bring more variation to cognitive training. Because they can add to the overall load of the program it is important to understand how they work and when and where to apply them. 

This module teaches you about each of the specialized training modes, how they work, and the best methods and reasons behind applying them to a cognitive training program.

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    1. Audio Visual Feedback Modes | + -

    2. Time To Exhaustion Mode | TTE

    3. Consequence Mode | CSQ

    4. Detection Response Task Mode | DRT

    5. Cardiovascular Exertion Mode | CEM

    6. Error Detection Mode | EDM

    7. Heart Rate Zone Mode | HRZ

    8. Visual Percentile Feedback Mode | VPF

    9. Adaptive Mode | ADM

    10. Adaptive Heart Rate Zone Mode | AHR

    11. Adaptive Heart Rate Variability Mode | AHV

    12. Task Switching Mode | TSM

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