Periodization is the careful planning of training load, adapted to the individual athlete and their training and competition schedule. Periodization means taking many factors into account to ensure your athlete’s loading is high enough to create training results and balanced enough for them to recover effectively. Learn what makes up good periodization and how to apply these principles to your own cognitive training programs.

This module shows you how to periodize your athlete’s cognitive training plans and how to adjust load for different points in the season.

    1. Introduction

    2. Cognitive Periodization

    1. The Microcycle, Mesocycle, and Macrocycle

    1. Progressive Overload vs Undulating Periodization Part 1

    2. Progressive Overload vs Undulating Periodization Part 2

    1. Common Pitfalls

    1. Loading Guidelines

    1. Intensity

    2. Duration

    3. Intensity + Duration

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